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Tracking Down Minnesota’s “Doughnut Cities” — 8 Comments

  1. I'm sur­prised that you did not men­tion Brook­line, an exclave of Nor­folk Coun­ty, Massachusetts.

    I'm also sur­prised that none of these enclaves are in the biggest cities.

  2. I was only con­sid­er­ing Min­neso­ta dough­nuts. I will look into that Brook­line sit­u­a­tion though, I thought that was the kind of thing that couldn’t hap­pen under a New Eng­land-style dispensation.

  3. Love­ly work! It is huge­ly fun that you and K have so thor­ough­ly doc­u­ment­ed places to have cof­fee, and are now work­ing on dough­nuts (even if not the edi­ble kind).

    You seem to be con­tin­u­ing your tra­di­tion of "in the fourth year, have four words in the title" (if we assume that arti­cles are not usu­al­ly count­ed, and in this this case, treat "Dough­nut Cities" as an hon­orary com­pound word). I may be stretch­ing that, however.

  4. Thank you Jules! Actu­al­ly the blog is in its fifth (cal­en­dar) year. Begun in June 2015 and I chose to assume that the sec­ond year (and two-word titles) began in Jan­u­ary 2016. Arti­cles do count; and con­sid­er­ing "dough­nut city" as if it were a com­pound word would feel like a par­tic­u­lar­ly egre­gious cheat. As I mused here, I may return to sin­gle words at the turn of the next cal­en­dar year.

  5. A neigh­bor point­ed out (on Nextdoor​.com) the curi­ous case of New Hope and Crys­tal, MN.

    These adja­cent cities have a com­pli­cat­ed bor­der run­ning most­ly north-south. And each city has a piece of its ter­ri­to­ry with­in the bounds of the other.

    The small, dis­con­nect­ed chunk of New Hope sur­round­ed by Crys­tal con­tains a Mex­i­can restau­rant, an auto parts store, two banks, and a few hous­es. It does not make an ounce of sense. The piece of Crys­tal enclosed with­in New Hope is more under­stand­able: it encom­pass­es a syn­a­gogue and the asso­ci­at­ed cemetery.

    Per­haps we can call those two cities “mutu­al­ly assured doughnuts.”

  6. I com­mut­ed through and worked near the Crystal/​New Hope bor­der for sev­er­al years but nev­er rec­og­nized the weird geom­e­try there. Reminds me of some of the San Jose shenanigans…

  7. Say more about San Jose if you would, Greg. I seem to recall a lit­tle straw-like pro­jec­tion to the north along a roadway…?

  8. A dough­nut of a dif­fer­ent kind: in the north­east cor­ner of Ari­zona, which does not observe day­light sav­ing time, is the Nava­jo Nation, which does; and entire­ly enclosed with­in the Nava­jo land is a Hopi reser­va­tion, which does not.

    So con­sid­er this trip some time in ear­ly sum­mer. Start in Winslow AZ at noon. Dri­ve north on state road 87 and arrive at Seba Dalkai AZ (in Nava­jo coun­try) 45 min­utes lat­er at 11:45 am. Con­tin­ue north to Kykotsmovi Vil­lage in Hopi ter­ri­to­ry, arriv­ing 38 min­utes lat­er at 1:23 pm. Con­tin­ue north and pick up state 264 west, arriv­ing 56 min­utes lat­er in Tuba City AZ at 1:19 pm, 4 min­utes before you left the Hopi vil­lage. On this last leg you will have passed through anoth­er Hopi enclave. Total time changes over your 2:19 trip: 5.

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