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  1. Loved this cri­tique, Kei­th! Sad­ly I nev­er heard of it years ago when I lived in Mpls!! Also, loved the "sound track"… great brass.

  2. Thanks Barb! No rea­son you would be aware of Al's real­ly unless you hung around the U back in the day. Now the hole-in-the-wall is get­ting much wider notice.

  3. The "build­ing" hous­ing Al's Break­fast, and the brick struc­ture to its south — the one that was a hard­ware store when the alley struc­ture was erect­ed in 1937 — are both now owned by Paul Dzub­nar, CEO of the Green Mill Restau­rants here­abouts. He has pledged many times over the years nev­er to do any­thing that would dis­turb or threat­en the exis­tence of Al's. He's a loy­al patron and a fan, as well as their landlord.

  4. Actu­al­ly, Al's "noto­ri­ety" extend­ed beyond Dinky­town. I've been going there since I blew into town in '77. I've tak­en my daugh­ters there since before they can remem­ber and they, I'm sure, will take their kids there, too, if this poten­tial grand­dad knows anything.

    Kids get plas­tic dinosaurs as a gar­nish on their plate. I asked once if my 20 yr. old "kid" could have one. I got a dirty look. But when her plate arrived there was, if mem­o­ry serves, a blue bron­tosaurus on it. We once asked nice­ly and they let her wear the James Beard award medal around her neck while she ate. While pos­ing for a pic, she made like she was going to bite it to see if it was real. Anoth­er cus­tomer for life.

  5. Thanks RRLast, I didn't know those toys were work­ing dinosaurs. Guess we haven't been there when kids occu­pied some of the 14 stools. The sto­ry with the James Beard medal is price­less. How old was your daugh­ter then?

  6. I promised Al yrs ago that I was nev­er going to be one of those old guys that came in to relive their Uni days on Sat­ur­days. Some­where in the pile I still have chit unused.

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