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  1. How to find their way thence?” It's usu­al­ly a triv­ial side-effect of find­ing a way thith­er.

  2. Thanks, Anton. All one can say is "Uff-da." Cor­rect­ed above.

  3. One of my cor­re­spon­dents (thanks starc@!) sent a link to a Wash­ing­ton Post piece from yes­ter­day, recount­ing the first attempt to send a mil­i­tary con­voy across the US by road, in 1919. It took two months! Brevet lieu­tenant colonel Dwight Eisen­how­er, age 28, accom­pa­nied the con­voy. Near­ly 40 years lat­er he would insti­tute the Inter­state high­way system.

    Mon­ey quote from the arti­cle: “One Army cap­tain described the weeks on the road as ‘com­pa­ra­ble to those gen­er­al­ly expe­ri­enced in the advance zone of bat­tle oper­a­tions.’ (This was com­ing from a World War I com­bat vet­er­an, no less.)”


  4. There are also spots in MA where one one is trav­el­ing in 2 oppo­site direc­tions on the same road. For exam­ple, one can be on Rte 95 North and Rte 128 South at the same time.

  5. Yes, there's an infa­mous stretch south of Boston where one must choose between I‑95 North and I‑93 South. Both choic­es run counter to intu­ition and to the actu­al geography.

    For years I have sought a sin­gu­lar occur­rence: four high­way signs in a clus­ter, mark­ing the same road as (e.g.) 15 North, 38 East, 22‑A West, and 193 South. Have nev­er seen such. For what was the inter­net invent­ed if not this?

    Art M., you are well trav­eled on the lost byways of this con­ti­nent. Any joy here?

  6. Here's a most thought-pro­vok­ing Atlantic arti­cle on the ways the law in the US has evolved not only to favor, but to require auto­mo­bile own­er­ship and dri­ving. The NYTimes's take on the 1919 mil­i­tary con­voy across the US (see the WaPo's cov­er­age linked three com­ments above) high­lights how the US gaso­line-dom­i­nat­ed cul­ture was not inevitable; the ear­ly 1920s were the ful­crum point.



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