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  1. Hi Keith and all, there was grade school and a girl’s high schoool in northeast Minneapolis affiliated with the oldest Catholic church in Minneapolis named St. Anthony of Padua. The church is still there, and I believe the schools were closed in 1971. I graduated in 1965. The buildings were purchased and are now a senior community, Catholic Eldercare. When the high school closed, DeLaSalle High School became co-ed, and it was (still is???) run by the Christian Brothers.

  2. Hi Linda, yes, Wikipedia (impeccable source!) says that DeLaSalle is still run by the Christian Brothers.

  3. Hi Nathan, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I did see that map from MN Historical; used a number of their resources in researching this piece. The problem is, other evidence indicates that map may not show the full extent of the territory comprising old Saint Anthony. For example, on a survey of the history of Saint Anthony Village I read that the village had opted to remain independent when Saint Anthony merged with Minneapolis in 1872. (Can’t locate that cite now that I look for it.) That implies that the boundary was at least a few miles to the east at that time.

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