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  1. Thanks to Nextdoor​.com neighbor Dick Miller for pointing out that the names of both Saint Paul and West Saint Paul are properly spelled out, not abbreviated as “St.” I have corrected this throughout and also amended the North and South Saint Paul names, on the assumption that the same applies.

    Thanks also to three Nextdoor​.com neighbors (Dick Miller, Tim Plunkett, Stephen Schele) for providing the only explanation for the origin of the name “West Side” that has ever made any sense to me. It comes from steamboat captains. As they steam north, upriver, towards Saint Paul, the starboard side is east and port is west. So when they encounter what is now South Saint Paul, it is on the port or west side. As the river sweeps through its S curve, the West Side is always to port and the rest of Saint Paul is starboard.

  2. South Saint Paul was called “South Park” at one point. I’ve run across this many times in census records doing ancestry research for my family. Do you know of the name relationship between South Park and South Saint Paul?

  3. South Park is a neighborhood of South Saint Paul, from every indication I can find. Google Maps sometimes has information about such neighborhoods, and will highlight them upon a search, but not in this case.

    This walkability website ( https://www.walkscore.com/MN/South_St._Paul ) says: “The most walkable South St. Paul neighborhoods are Hepburn Park, Riverside Park, and South Park.” (Others are listed as Spring Park and Oak Park.)

    A real estate site ( https://www.ziprealty.com/for-sale-homes/South-Park-South-St.-Paul-MN-119187n ) lists homes for sale in South Park, South Saint Paul. Here is a Google Map showing 10 of those listings ( https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Bw0kHchrB4ZYEVQsrXQtzxT-aVUEkRTn&usp=sharing ). Should give a pretty good idea of the neighborhood’s location and extent.

    The map also shows (red pin) the location of the first police station in town, in South Park, before 1887: “The station, if it could be called such, was a little two-room shack on the north side of Central Avenue.” ( https://www.southstpaul.org/DocumentCenter/View/295/Police-Department-History?bidId= )

  4. We just had a day in La Crosse WI and took the river road back. Went right through another one of the Saint Pauls that I had missed completely in researching this piece. (To be fair, Saint Paul Park is not modified by a compass direction, which was the original remit.) Click the image for a larger version.

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