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  1. Thanks to Nextdoor​.com neigh­bor Dick Miller for point­ing out that the names of both Saint Paul and West Saint Paul are prop­er­ly spelled out, not abbre­vi­at­ed as “St.” I have cor­rect­ed this through­out and also amend­ed the North and South Saint Paul names, on the assump­tion that the same applies.

    Thanks also to three Nextdoor​.com neigh­bors (Dick Miller, Tim Plun­kett, Stephen Schele) for pro­vid­ing the only expla­na­tion for the ori­gin of the name “West Side” that has ever made any sense to me. It comes from steam­boat cap­tains. As they steam north, upriv­er, towards Saint Paul, the star­board side is east and port is west. So when they encounter what is now South Saint Paul, it is on the port or west side. As the riv­er sweeps through its S curve, the West Side is always to port and the rest of Saint Paul is star­board.

  2. South Saint Paul was called “South Park” at one point. I’ve run across this many times in cen­sus records doing ances­try research for my fam­i­ly. Do you know of the name rela­tion­ship between South Park and South Saint Paul?

  3. South Park is a neigh­bor­hood of South Saint Paul, from every indi­ca­tion I can find. Google Maps some­times has infor­ma­tion about such neigh­bor­hoods, and will high­light them upon a search, but not in this case.

    This walk­a­bil­i­ty web­site ( https://​www​.walkscore​.com/​M​N​/​S​o​u​t​h​_​S​t​.​_​P​aul ) says: "The most walk­a­ble South St. Paul neigh­bor­hoods are Hep­burn Park, River­side Park, and South Park." (Oth­ers are list­ed as Spring Park and Oak Park.)

    A real estate site ( https://​www​.zipreal​ty​.com/​f​o​r​-​s​a​l​e​-​h​o​m​e​s​/​S​o​u​t​h​-​P​a​r​k​-​S​o​u​t​h​-​S​t​.​-​P​a​u​l​-​M​N​-​1​1​9​1​87n ) lists homes for sale in South Park, South Saint Paul. Here is a Google Map show­ing 10 of those list­ings ( https://​dri​ve​.google​.com/​o​p​e​n​?​i​d​=​1​B​w​0​k​H​c​h​r​B​4​Z​Y​E​V​Q​s​r​X​Q​t​z​x​T​-​a​V​U​E​k​R​T​n​&​u​s​p​=​s​h​a​r​ing ). Should give a pret­ty good idea of the neighborhood's loca­tion and extent.

    The map also shows (red pin) the loca­tion of the first police sta­tion in town, in South Park, before 1887: "The sta­tion, if it could be called such, was a lit­tle two-room shack on the north side of Cen­tral Avenue." ( https://​www​.south​st​paul​.org/​D​o​c​u​m​e​n​t​C​e​n​t​e​r​/​V​i​e​w​/​2​9​5​/​P​o​l​i​c​e​-​D​e​p​a​r​t​m​e​n​t​-​H​i​s​t​o​r​y​?​b​i​dId= )

  4. We just had a day in La Crosse WI and took the riv­er road back. Went right through anoth­er one of the Saint Pauls that I had missed com­plete­ly in research­ing this piece. (To be fair, Saint Paul Park is not mod­i­fied by a com­pass direc­tion, which was the orig­i­nal remit.) Click the image for a larg­er ver­sion.

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