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  1. >> Who owns the rest of that steep, un-build­able land on the hill­side…? << That’s where plats become your friend! It appears that most of the slope is exten­sions of yards from the homes fac­ing Edgcumbe. What I find most fas­ci­nat­ing is that there is right-of-way plat­ted for a path or road­way sur­round­ing both parks, con­nect­ed to Deer Park Rd. Seems like a great way to improve the area for pub­lic use! See a screen­shot here: https://​imgur​.com/​E​w​O​g​Vuz

    Foun­tain Park is plat­ted to have Wat­son Avenue pro­ceed downs­lope to Lex­ing­ton: https://​imgur​.com/​1​Z​i​u​xgZ

  2. Thanks again, Sean! The plat maps he refers to can be gen­er­at­ed from this GIS tool on the Ram­sey Coun­ty site — but once you arrive at a desired view, there doesn’t seem to be any way to extract a unique URL for it. Hence the screen shots. I have tak­en the lib­er­ty of repro­duc­ing Sean’s Imgur links and host­ing them here.

  3. So it looks like, once we stepped inside that gate, we were in a pub­lic right of way, not on someone’s prop­er­ty. Good to know.

  4. Some­thing that may be of inter­est: A geo­cache icon is placed with­in Daw­son Park accord­ing to the map on geo​caching​.com. Nei­ther of these ghost parks appears on the site’s base map, but the Cool­er Crew Cachers appar­ent­ly knew enough about the bound­aries of Daw­son Park to place a mys­tery cache icon there. This was one of a series of geo­caches placed for the 2016 Win­ter Car­ni­val. I remem­ber solv­ing this, and find­ing the phys­i­cal con­tain­er in near­by Cros­by Park. I’ll bet more than a few peo­ple mis­tak­en­ly vis­it­ed Daw­son Park in search of it.

    By the way, thanks for the cof­fee shop reviews. I have added many of them to my list of places to try.

  5. Gina, thanks, and wel­come to the con­ver­sa­tion.

    I don’t quite under­stand the sit­u­a­tion with that pos­si­ble geo­cache in Daw­son Park. Do you think there actu­al­ly was (is?) one there? Or do you mean the con­test orga­niz­ers placed a map icon in Daw­son Park but the actu­al cache was in Cros­by Farm Park?

    Glad you are enjoy­ing the cof­fee shop reviews. Once you have vis­it­ed some of them, feel free to add your com­ments to the orig­i­nal posts.

  6. I had dif­fi­cul­ty explain­ing, but yes, the phys­i­cal cache was in Cros­by Farm Park. Only the icon is placed at Daw­son Park, which sort of indi­cates the orga­niz­ers were at least aware of its exis­tence. I now won­der if any oth­er cache icons are in ghost parks, and if any of them are indica­tive of an actu­al cache con­tain­er loca­tion.

    It some­times hap­pens that new­er geo­cachers mis­un­der­stand the char­ac­ter­is­tics of a mys­tery cache, and go to the icon site. So a few peo­ple might have vis­it­ed Daw­son Park before fig­ur­ing out what they were sup­posed to do, and they would like­ly have been unaware that the land where they were stand­ing is one of St. Paul’s parks.

  7. On Sept. 12 I sub­mit­ted Daw­son Park and Walsh Park to Google Maps. I’ll update this com­ment when Google either approves or rejects the addi­tions. As of 2018-11-22, Daw­son Park is marked on Google Maps but Walsh Park is not. I nev­er got noti­fi­ca­tion either way.

  8. I had noti­fi­ca­tion from Nextdoor​.com, where I pub­lished a note about this piece, that at least one read­er has pur­chased Empson’s The Street Where You Live. Grat­i­fied.

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