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  1. A few more data points: my neigh­bor Decaf Doug, who was born in St. Paul and raised in Cam­bridge, played DDGD. His wife Judy from Hib­bing was aghast when she learned about DDGD: Hib­bing is all about DDG, so she says. Their son grew up in St. Paul on DDGD. His girl­friend was a camp coun­cilor in both MN and WI and they were taught both versions.

  2. And yet more: Decaf Doug’s oth­er son had the best response to my sur­vey. When asked "gray duck or goose" he shot right back, “You can't be seri­ous.” (DDGD obvi­ous­ly.) Two oth­er Christ­mas Day vis­i­tors, both of whom grew up in St Paul and one of whom is a retired ele­men­tary school teacher, were firm­ly in the gray duck camp.

  3. A game show con­tes­tant lost the round when he said “duck, duck gray duck.” I was shout­ing unfair to the TV.

  4. Yeah, that ques­tion real­ly shouldn’t have made it onto the show!

  5. Grow­ing up in St. Paul before the days of school inte­gra­tion (yes, I am that old!), I played DDBD — where the "B" stood for "black". As kids, we did not under­stand why that was wrong and why it had to be changed to DDGD back in the ear­ly 60s.

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