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  1. A few more data points: my neighbor Decaf Doug, who was born in St. Paul and raised in Cambridge, played DDGD. His wife Judy from Hibbing was aghast when she learned about DDGD: Hibbing is all about DDG, so she says. Their son grew up in St. Paul on DDGD. His girlfriend was a camp councilor in both MN and WI and they were taught both versions.

  2. And yet more: Decaf Doug’s other son had the best response to my survey. When asked “gray duck or goose” he shot right back, “You can’t be serious.” (DDGD obviously.) Two other Christmas Day visitors, both of whom grew up in St Paul and one of whom is a retired elementary school teacher, were firmly in the gray duck camp.

  3. A game show contestant lost the round when he said “duck, duck gray duck.” I was shouting unfair to the TV.

  4. Growing up in St. Paul before the days of school integration (yes, I am that old!), I played DDBD – where the “B” stood for “black”. As kids, we did not understand why that was wrong and why it had to be changed to DDGD back in the early 60s.

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