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  1. Look­ing for­ward to stop­ping by. Hop­ing they add a new awning or some­thing to the win­dows to cre­ate dimen­sion­al artic­u­la­tion to the build­ing front. It needs a lit­tle more in the way of curb appeal.

  2. Hi Michelle, I agree it looks a bit stark at the moment. (19°F and a stiff breeze didn't help, either, when I took that pho­to.)

  3. Just down St Claire from where we live. My wife and I will be in for sure to check out the new busi­ness.

  4. The same has hap­pened at what is now Mer­cury at the Soo Line Build­ing in Min­neapo­lis, Kei­th. We went for brunch on Sat­ur­day and now that it is an all-day din­er. Peo­ple liv­ing upstairs can use it as their kitchen, almost, and folks can pop in at all hours get­ting com­fort food, rather than try­ing to fig­ure out the next big “con­cept” and wait­ing hours for a table. Love­ly spot. We would love to go with you to Bot­tle Rock­et!

  5. Let’s set a date! Mer­cury is also one of the Blue Plate group of restau­rants, oper­at­ing in the space that had been Brasserie Zen­tral. Mer­cury opened last fall and at the time I believed that the cor­po­rate effort and atten­tion direct­ed to it were respon­si­ble for delay­ing Bot­tle Rock­et. This account in the Strib con­firms how crazy things were for Blue Plate at that time. Bot­tle Rock­et was ini­tial­ly slat­ed to open late in 2016 and in fact the cor­po­rate web­site still says “com­ing in late 2016”.

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