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  1. Great read, Keith! If you’re interested in doing a global approach, one of the most southern bookstores can be found in Cape Town, South Africa. Clarke’s Bookshop has been around since 1956 and is located on the popular Long Street. I dropped by a couple times to and from my museum internship this summer and found it to be a quaint and cozy place, perfect for curling up with a good book! Here’s the link, for those interested: http://www.clarkesbooks.co.za

  2. Hey D.J., thanks! I’m going to have to do a bit of exploring on the question of who’s farthest south, globally speaking. Seems to me that most or all of AU and NZ would have ZA beat; also Tierra del Fuego, if there are any readers there besides the penguins.

    Northernmost bookstore is an interesting question too. Svalgaard? Somewhere on Siberia’s arctic coast?

  3. Good data and research. Minor typo “regoins” which came up when I was having the screen read to me on my iPhone. Handy feature that. I can have any library ebook read to me like an audio book. Be well.

  4. Thanks! Fixed. And good catch. I should have my iPhone read me each piece before putting it live. But then you would all miss the fun of catching the typos…

  5. Hey, the books/coffee/beer[/wine] establishment in Biddeford, Maine you alluded to is called Elements, with a very cute periodic table metaphor going, and is a frequent haunt of ours, especially after an evening at the theater. Thanks for calling it out!

  6. Hey Valerie! Yes, I figured Elements was probably a favorite of yours. We were there for a good couple of hours on the visit before last. Wonderful place, and I too love the element-themed identity design.

  7. If you count territories, the easternmost would be Undercover Books in St.Croix, US Virgin Islands. And the territory of Guam would have the westernmost with Faith Bookstore, which is a Christian bookstore so for a real bookster that would be Bestseller Bookstore about a mile further east.

  8. Thank you Rudy, well researched! Sorry to be so long in acknowledging / approving your note; for some reason the notification system seems to have broken down and I just noticed your comment.

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