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  1. Great read, Kei­th! If you’re inter­est­ed in doing a glob­al approach, one of the most south­ern book­stores can be found in Cape Town, South Africa. Clarke’s Book­shop has been around since 1956 and is locat­ed on the pop­u­lar Long Street. I dropped by a cou­ple times to and from my muse­um intern­ship this sum­mer and found it to be a quaint and cozy place, per­fect for curl­ing up with a good book! Here’s the link, for those inter­est­ed: http://​www​.clarkes​books​.co​.za

  2. Hey D.J., thanks! I’m going to have to do a bit of explor­ing on the ques­tion of who’s far­thest south, glob­al­ly speak­ing. Seems to me that most or all of AU and NZ would have ZA beat; also Tier­ra del Fuego, if there are any read­ers there besides the penguins.

    North­ern­most book­store is an inter­est­ing ques­tion too. Sval­gaard? Some­where on Siberia’s arc­tic coast?

  3. Good data and research. Minor typo "regoins" which came up when I was hav­ing the screen read to me on my iPhone. Handy fea­ture that. I can have any library ebook read to me like an audio book. Be well.

  4. Thanks! Fixed. And good catch. I should have my iPhone read me each piece before putting it live. But then you would all miss the fun of catch­ing the typos…

  5. Hey, the books/coffee/beer[/wine] estab­lish­ment in Bid­de­ford, Maine you allud­ed to is called Ele­ments, with a very cute peri­od­ic table metaphor going, and is a fre­quent haunt of ours, espe­cial­ly after an evening at the the­ater. Thanks for call­ing it out!

  6. Hey Valerie! Yes, I fig­ured Ele­ments was prob­a­bly a favorite of yours. We were there for a good cou­ple of hours on the vis­it before last. Won­der­ful place, and I too love the ele­ment-themed iden­ti­ty design.

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