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  1. Yes, I do see an all white squir­rel here in my yard near­ly every day. There has been at least one around here dur­ing all of the time we have lived here along the riv­er, since 1989. Thanks for shar­ing the articles.

  2. I find your infor­ma­tion inter­est­ing. My great-grand­fa­ther, Mil­lard D. Olds, brought black squir­rels to the north­ern part of the low­er pen­nisu­la in Michi­gan back in the ear­ly 1900s. It inter­est­ing to read about oth­ers try­ing to import the squir­rels. The black squir­rel pop­u­la­tion in Michi­gan is doing very well.

  3. For what it's worth, I have, in fact, seen black squir­rels in Mass. Very rarely, but I did see them in Con­cord. At the time, I thought it might have been a grey squir­rel that got caught in a chimney…

  4. Not relat­ed to squir­rel col­or vari­eties, but… one time my dad caught a squir­rel rip­ping up our patio couch (in the squirrel’s defense, it was already pret­ty rat­ty) and car­ry­ing the stuff­ing up the tree like a bushy white beard. From that event the squir­rel was dubbed “San­ta Claus.”

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