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  1. Thanks for these reviews! I've had a Black waf­fle — the Naughty — and liked it a lot. The fruit was arranged on top with endear­ing pre­ci­sion and the pile of whipped cream over the whole thing was gen­er­ous.

  2. I had a so-so expe­ri­ence at Black Cof­fee & Waf­fle Bar. It was Sat­ur­day lunch, obvi­ous­ly the busiest moment of the busiest day for brunch, but we had almost an hour wait for two waf­fles. You go through a line to order and then have to find a table. We stood wait­ing more than 30 min­utes just to get a table and end­ed up shar­ing it with a mom and son who had already been there wait­ing 40 min­utes. They had come over from a Lex­ing­ton & Dale neigh­bor­hood to try it but decid­ed after the meal that the food wasn't worth the wait and would not return. My son and I agreed with them, after the long wait and "okay food." I was dis­ap­point­ed for two rea­sons: #1 there's no real healthy option on the menu (main­ly a lot of choco­late, caramel, whipped cream, marsh­mal­lows, etc.), although there is a fruity option cov­ered with gra­nola and whipped cream which makes it a no-no for dia­bet­ics. Actu­al­ly, if you are wor­ried about carbs and sug­ar this place is total­ly off lim­its. #2 some seniors had fin­ished their food and sat around for at least 30 min­utes after they were done. In such a small but crowd­ed place with peo­ple stand­ing next to them wait­ing for a table to be free, they should have polite­ly vacat­ed their seats. This wasn't a prob­lem caused by the busi­ness but it would have been much appre­ci­at­ed by every­one stand­ing there for the wait staff to per­haps point out that there was a crowd wait­ing for their table since they were done. After the long wait, I had to return my waf­fle because it missed ingre­di­ents list­ed on the menu. Our drinks were fin­ished by the time we got the food and we didn't want to wait in line again to get water. Although cus­tomers are required to bus their own tables, the tables were dirty and the floors were lit­tered. They need some­one to at least go out and wipe off tables from time to time. There were signs post­ed to remind cus­tomers that they are new and try­ing to work out the kinks (although they've been open over a month; I've nev­er seen that post­ing in anoth­er restau­rant). If we do go back it will be months, if not years, to make sure they get it orga­nized. Good luck with it. And to those inter­est­ed: heed my mes­sage and the cafe's warn­ings.

  3. Thanks Deb­o­rah, sounds like you had a real bum­mer of an expe­ri­ence. I had read about long waits for food there but hadn't con­sid­ered also hav­ing to wait for a table. It's not very Min­neso­ta Nice for patrons to linger after fin­ish­ing in such a crowd­ed time & place.

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