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Two Openings — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for these reviews! I’ve had a Black waffle — the Naughty — and liked it a lot. The fruit was arranged on top with endearing precision and the pile of whipped cream over the whole thing was generous.

  2. I had a so-so experience at Black Coffee & Waffle Bar. It was Saturday lunch, obviously the busiest moment of the busiest day for brunch, but we had almost an hour wait for two waffles. You go through a line to order and then have to find a table. We stood waiting more than 30 minutes just to get a table and ended up sharing it with a mom and son who had already been there waiting 40 minutes. They had come over from a Lexington & Dale neighborhood to try it but decided after the meal that the food wasn’t worth the wait and would not return. My son and I agreed with them, after the long wait and “okay food.” I was disappointed for two reasons: #1 there’s no real healthy option on the menu (mainly a lot of chocolate, caramel, whipped cream, marshmallows, etc.), although there is a fruity option covered with granola and whipped cream which makes it a no-no for diabetics. Actually, if you are worried about carbs and sugar this place is totally off limits. #2 some seniors had finished their food and sat around for at least 30 minutes after they were done. In such a small but crowded place with people standing next to them waiting for a table to be free, they should have politely vacated their seats. This wasn’t a problem caused by the business but it would have been much appreciated by everyone standing there for the wait staff to perhaps point out that there was a crowd waiting for their table since they were done. After the long wait, I had to return my waffle because it missed ingredients listed on the menu. Our drinks were finished by the time we got the food and we didn’t want to wait in line again to get water. Although customers are required to bus their own tables, the tables were dirty and the floors were littered. They need someone to at least go out and wipe off tables from time to time. There were signs posted to remind customers that they are new and trying to work out the kinks (although they’ve been open over a month; I’ve never seen that posting in another restaurant). If we do go back it will be months, if not years, to make sure they get it organized. Good luck with it. And to those interested: heed my message and the cafe’s warnings.

  3. Thanks Deborah, sounds like you had a real bummer of an experience. I had read about long waits for food there but hadn’t considered also having to wait for a table. It’s not very Minnesota Nice for patrons to linger after finishing in such a crowded time & place.

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