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  1. I'm so envi­ous of your speeds! We're strug­gling with 7 Mbps via DSL, which drops dra­mat­i­cal­ly when we have rain. I may well try the wiring to see if we can eke out a bit more speed.

  2. Raven, that’s too bad. Not much you can do when the cop­per gets wet I’m afraid. I used to have the same prob­lem in dialup days before DSL was even a thing.

  3. I am in St. Paul and have Cen­tu­ryLink fiber as well. I would like to get rid of the Modem as well. I have placed mine in bridge mode and use my Asus RT-N66U for all rout­ing. The rea­son I need the modem is that here in St. Paul Cen­tu­rylink uses a VLAN for its ser­vice. The Asus does have have the abil­i­ty to VLAN tag on the WAN port.

  4. Joel, you can get rid of the C-Link modem but you have to be will­ing to get your hands dirty (and risk brick­ing your modem). The firmware that came with your ASUS modem (and mine) does not sup­port chang­ing the VLAN set­tings. So you'll need to reflash the modem with open-source firmware that does pro­vide that sup­port. The one you want is ASUSWRT-MERLIN; I do see a down­load on that page for the RT-N66U.

    Here's a how-to guide some­one wrote to walk us through dis­pens­ing with the Cen­tu­ryLink-sup­plied modem. The rel­e­vant steps, once you have reflashed with MERLIN, are:

     — Advanced Tab > Advanced Set­up > VLAN /​ Bridge Set­tings
     — Check the “Enable VLAN /​ Bridge Set­up” box
     — Select “Enable VLAN Tag” if not already select­ed
     — Select the radio but­ton next to the “Inter­net” row in the table and click “Edit”
     — Change the VLAN ID to “201” (it was prob­a­bly set to “10”)
     — Save the set­tings and “Apply”

  5. I will give MERLIN a look. I had used Toma­to on a pre­vi­ous router. I like some fea­tures of the Asus stock firmware (such as a DNS for the VPN).

    I can men­tion that I work for Cal­ix. Dur­ing instal­la­tion the tech used a fea­ture I wrote the code for. I wrote code for the phones and optics.

  6. Joel, that's great! Mind if I call you down the line if I brick my ASUS? 🙂

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