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  1. I’m so envious of your speeds! We’re struggling with 7 Mbps via DSL, which drops dramatically when we have rain. I may well try the wiring to see if we can eke out a bit more speed.

  2. Raven, that’s too bad. Not much you can do when the copper gets wet I’m afraid. I used to have the same problem in dialup days before DSL was even a thing.

  3. I am in St. Paul and have CenturyLink fiber as well. I would like to get rid of the Modem as well. I have placed mine in bridge mode and use my Asus RT-N66U for all routing. The reason I need the modem is that here in St. Paul Centurylink uses a VLAN for its service. The Asus does have have the ability to VLAN tag on the WAN port.

  4. Joel, you can get rid of the C-Link modem but you have to be willing to get your hands dirty (and risk bricking your modem). The firmware that came with your ASUS modem (and mine) does not support changing the VLAN settings. So you’ll need to reflash the modem with open-source firmware that does provide that support. The one you want is ASUSWRT-MERLIN; I do see a download on that page for the RT-N66U.

    Here’s a how-to guide someone wrote to walk us through dispensing with the CenturyLink-supplied modem. The relevant steps, once you have reflashed with MERLIN, are:

    – Advanced Tab > Advanced Setup > VLAN / Bridge Settings
    – Check the “Enable VLAN / Bridge Setup” box
    – Select “Enable VLAN Tag” if not already selected
    – Select the radio button next to the “Internet” row in the table and click “Edit”
    – Change the VLAN ID to “201” (it was probably set to “10”)
    – Save the settings and “Apply”

  5. I will give MERLIN a look. I had used Tomato on a previous router. I like some features of the Asus stock firmware (such as a DNS for the VPN).

    I can mention that I work for Calix. During installation the tech used a feature I wrote the code for. I wrote code for the phones and optics.

  6. Joel, that’s great! Mind if I call you down the line if I brick my ASUS? 🙂

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