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  1. My moth­er has com­ment­ed to me many times that Deub­n­er Place, the street run­ning between St. Clair and Ben Hill Rd to the west of Lin­wood Park, was named after the man who invent­ed the han­dled gro­cery bag. Thanks Mr. Deub­n­er!

  2. Didn’t know about the Tilt-a-Whirl, thanks. That Min­nPost arti­cle list­ed 50 sig­nif­i­cant inven­tions.

  3. I have always been told that a Nor­we­gian snow-ski­er invent­ed water ski­ing on White Bear Lake by plan­ing down his snow skis and lift­ing the front up a bit. But I stand cor­rect­ed… it was a Min­nesotan, Ralph Samuel­son, who invent­ed water ski­ing on Lake Pepin, Lake City, Min­neso­ta in 1922. Sor­ry White Bear Lake!

  4. I'm fas­ci­nat­ed by how much Min­nesotans (my mom espe­cial­ly) harp on what was invent­ed here, who lived or was born here, etc. I think it's because a lot of the coun­try con­sid­ers the Mid­west to be "fly­over coun­try" — our name includ­ed. How would you like to be named as "the kid we had before the youngest?" We're described as "on the way to some­where else." So we over­com­pen­sate and point out every vic­to­ry we've ever had.

  5. Sort of like the old Sovi­et Union? Yes, thanks for point­ing it out, that is a thing here. Boston is secure enough in its ven­er­a­ble sta­tus that it doesn't need to brag in that way.

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