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  1. My mother has commented to me many times that Deubner Place, the street running between St. Clair and Ben Hill Rd to the west of Linwood Park, was named after the man who invented the handled grocery bag. Thanks Mr. Deubner!

  2. Didn’t know about the Tilt-a-Whirl, thanks. That MinnPost article listed 50 significant inventions.

  3. I have always been told that a Norwegian snow-skier invented water skiing on White Bear Lake by planing down his snow skis and lifting the front up a bit. But I stand corrected… it was a Minnesotan, Ralph Samuelson, who invented water skiing on Lake Pepin, Lake City, Minnesota in 1922. Sorry White Bear Lake!

  4. I’m fascinated by how much Minnesotans (my mom especially) harp on what was invented here, who lived or was born here, etc. I think it’s because a lot of the country considers the Midwest to be “flyover country” — our name included. How would you like to be named as “the kid we had before the youngest?” We’re described as “on the way to somewhere else.” So we overcompensate and point out every victory we’ve ever had.

  5. Sort of like the old Soviet Union? Yes, thanks for pointing it out, that is a thing here. Boston is secure enough in its venerable status that it doesn’t need to brag in that way.

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