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  1. Whole Foods indeed stat­ed that no gro­cery store could move in the old site. My hus­band had asked Fresh Thyme to locate there. They said they already pur­sued that and were told of the Whole Foods deal. If RC Dicks had a clause like that, Whole Foods would nev­er have been there. Too bad they have to be so greedy and unneigh­bor­ly.

  2. Nice to see the new post­ing, Kei­th!!! Thanks. You and your love­ly wife need to take the new A-Line to Blue Line and we'll all meet at the mall, includ­ing Kim­ber, and go to one of the new spots there! George is excit­ed about the A-Line and hop­ing to go up to Roseville on it.

  3. Bri­an, count on it! In the past we have been reg­u­lars at Roseville Mall large­ly because of the pres­ence of the Apple Store there.

  4. Thanks for the con­fir­ma­tion, Car­olyn. How can Whole Foods enforce a clause like that? Or was it more in the nature of a hand­shake with the City Coun­cil, who agreed to such a ban? (And who is RC Dicks? Way before my time here.)

  5. I remem­ber R.C. Dicks, and I think they are a bunch of jerks. I think any store should be able to use that space if they have the finances to do so.

  6. Help me out with the his­to­ry here. Does R.C. Dicks own that build­ing? Did they occu­py it 20+ years ago before Whole Foods came in?

  7. As a Mer­ri­am Park neigh­bor whose "walk­a­ble" gro­cery store was and remains Whole Foods, I'm not thrilled about the phar­ma­cy chain, either. As for gro­ceries, stay fresh and local, and take the #21 to Mis­sis­sip­pi Mar­ket at Sel­by and Dale. My hus­band works at the West 7th Street MS Mar­ket, and we've nev­er eat­en so well.

  8. Thanks, Amy. We joined MS Mar­ket a few months back and have been to the Sel­by loca­tion a few times. I noticed it was com­mend­ed by City Pages for "best fresh pro­duce." After a few too many recent dis­ap­point­ments with pro­duce from the High­land Lunds & Byerlys, we will be rely­ing more on MS Mar­ket in that depart­ment. Unfor­tu­nate­ly MSM doesn't car­ry a few of my every­day neces­si­ties — no organ­ic milk, and none of the cat­food that my cat will eat.

  9. Does any­one know for sure that the build­ing can­not be used as a gro­cery store? I have been con­tact­ing oth­er gro­cery stores to think of that space for a gro­cery store. I will not be gro­cery shop­ping at Sel­by and Snelling. If I have to park, that park­ing area is too small to get in and out of.

  10. Hi Josie. The best infor­ma­tion I have is in the pre­vi­ous com­ments here. But I think it’s moot now; CVS is a done deal. Looks like they pulled the build­ing per­mit, judg­ing by the dump­ster and the sign out front.

  11. Reviv­ing this to state that Black Cof­fee & Waf­fle Bar is on Cretin and Mar­shall, not Ran­dolph.

    Also, does any­one know what will be next to CVS as the 2nd ten­ant? I once heard a cof­fee shop but would love con­fir­ma­tion & more details if pos­si­ble.

  12. CVS’s ten­ant: I dream of a green­gro­cer, ide­al­ly a Kore­an gro­cer the likes of which dot many a cor­ner in Man­hat­tan. But I’m not hold­ing my breath.

    Re: Ran­dolph /​ Mar­shall: those who know me know that when­ev­er I say one of that pair, inevitably I mean the oth­er one. Don’t know why I can't keep them straight. The bad habit doesn’t usu­al­ly spill over into print, how­ev­er. Fixed now.

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