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  1. Val and I have tried both the Impossible Burger and the Beyond Burger. In fact she had Beyond Bratwurst today for the 4th of July, and I had one. We use this kind of thing as a occasional indulgence. (Partly because we think vegetables in their natural state are delicious, and partly because we still eat meat as well.) It’s fun to read this from their pioneering days.

    I’m interested that none of the Nextdoor folks posted here. Maybe replying to a blog posting is too much of a hurdle? (Trained as we are nowadays to simply mash our cursors onto a heart?) They wanted to keep the discussion in the community?

    A foodie friend with numerous food allergies says, “Lots of these [plant based replacement products] taste amazing as long as you don’t compare them with the thing they are pretending to replace. Just enjoy them for their own sake.”

  2. I have had the Beyond and found it … indistinguishable, near enough; just what they aim for. We have not been back to Herbivorous Butcher, whose products ISTM fall under the description at the end of your comment. As you might have gathered from the piece, we went in with the hope and expectation of something amazing to out-meat meat. Didn’t find that.

  3. I have noticed too the tendency of people to keep discussion to the social network they know. I assume that many of these folks came into the online life after the ascension of sites like Facebook; i.e. they never participated in a big way in blogging communities, say in the first half decade of the century. I have let go my hope that people will congregate here and am happy to engage wherever the discussion unfolds. In this blog’s first months, when I was posting a few times a week, a momentum and a community did get going here; but most of those people fell away when the postings slowed to a trickle. With a few exceptions (hello Linda G.!).

  4. >happy to engage wherever the discussion unfolds

    Is a great way to approach this. And I appreciate the way that the classic blog facilitates what I have been doing this week, “catching up.”

    (Still worrying that it’s my browser … ) Several times during my catching-up odyssey I tried to subscribe, using the box in the right hand margin. Each time, I received, “There was an error when subscribing. Please try again.” But over night I believe the number of subscribers did increment. So you may find me on your list multiple times! (If I didn’t succeed, feel free to add me manually, using the email that starts with the number.)

    Now I’m going to try to subscribe using the checkbox below.

    Moving from QA back to reader-reaction: I appreciate that you write whenever you observe something interesting or become curious about a subject. Your interest and curiosity carry us readers along. THAT is what combines with your theme to tie all these pieces together. So that any length or posting frequency is fine.

    Is it a coincidence that K & D are the blog’s initials, and your own?

  5. > Is it a coincidence that K & D are the blog’s initials, and your own?

    In fact it is. I didn’t notice until I went to make a graphic to serve as the site’s Favicon. Hmm, K D… where have I seen those initials before?

  6. > So you may find me on your list multiple times!

    Nope, you are not on the list.

    I tried adding you from my browser and got the same error. No idea what that’s about. Maybe WordPress does not like an email address that begins with a number? If you have a different (alphabetic-leading) address you might try that.

  7. Thank you for that tip! I’ve successfully subscribed using the “other” email. And WordPress kindly showed me the other three sites I’m currently subscribing to, using that email. Elegant! *sigh of relief*

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