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  1. What fun! In this exploration, will proximity become an issue, as in walkability? (I want a croussaint!)

  2. Not really. I will eventually cover all the coffee shops that are walkable from my house — over a dozen by quick count. But I hope the reviews are useful to others who don’t live in this neighborhood.

  3. As you continue to explore, consider visiting Kopplin’s on Selby Avenue, close to Cleveland. One of the best pour-over coffees in town!

  4. Love coffee and love these essays on Minneapolis and St. Paul coffee houses. Would suggest you try Dunn Bros. in Minneapolis. It is located in a historic building right on the corner of 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue – close to the Mississippi and the 3rd Avenue bridge. Would like hear your review.

    All of these coffee houses sound like a lovely place to spend a little down time. Right now I am working too much to find this down time, but will get there.

    Thanks for these.

  5. I like your review style. Thanks for the info, looking forward to more! My 26yo son raves about Quixotic in Highland Park, as well as Claddagh on Selby.

  6. Thanks Mary! I didn’t know Claddagh had a second location; have been to the original on West 7th and it was wonderful. We were at Quixotic yesterday and that review is here.

  7. Very happy to read all of your comments both here and on Nextdoor.com (the local social network on which I posted a link to this piece). Combining data from both, this [updated] map represents people’s coffee shop preferences so far. It shows an area of 12 super-blocks roughly centered on Macalester (entries in lighter blue are out of the area). (A larger version is here.)

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