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  1. What fun! In this explo­ration, will prox­im­i­ty become an issue, as in walk­a­bil­i­ty? (I want a crous­saint!)

  2. Not real­ly. I will even­tu­al­ly cov­er all the cof­fee shops that are walk­a­ble from my house — over a dozen by quick count. But I hope the reviews are use­ful to oth­ers who don't live in this neigh­bor­hood.

  3. As you con­tin­ue to explore, con­sid­er vis­it­ing Kopplin’s on Sel­by Avenue, close to Cleve­land. One of the best pour-over cof­fees in town!

  4. Love cof­fee and love these essays on Min­neapo­lis and St. Paul cof­fee hous­es. Would sug­gest you try Dunn Bros. in Min­neapo­lis. It is locat­ed in a his­toric build­ing right on the cor­ner of 2nd Street and 3rd Avenue — close to the Mis­sis­sip­pi and the 3rd Avenue bridge. Would like hear your review. 

    All of these cof­fee hous­es sound like a love­ly place to spend a lit­tle down time. Right now I am work­ing too much to find this down time, but will get there.

    Thanks for these.

  5. I like your review style. Thanks for the info, look­ing for­ward to more! My 26yo son raves about Quixot­ic in High­land Park, as well as Claddagh on Sel­by.

  6. Thanks Mary! I didn’t know Claddagh had a sec­ond loca­tion; have been to the orig­i­nal on West 7th and it was won­der­ful. We were at Quixot­ic yes­ter­day and that review is here.

  7. Very hap­py to read all of your com­ments both here and on Nextdoor​.com (the local social net­work on which I post­ed a link to this piece). Com­bin­ing data from both, this [updat­ed] map rep­re­sents people’s cof­fee shop pref­er­ences so far. It shows an area of 12 super-blocks rough­ly cen­tered on Macalester (entries in lighter blue are out of the area). (A larg­er ver­sion is here.)

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