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  1. Usually the last item is seen disappearing onto the person’s plate who picks up the serving dish and is seen scraping the last item off while muttering, “Nobody wants any of this, do they?…”; even in a family of native MN Scandahoovians.

  2. Dr. Wingnut, how good of you to stop by. That sounds like a Garrison Keilor character’s move: “Oh I guess I can eat this last piece. If nobody else wants it. If I have to. Can’t let it go to waste…”

  3. That never happens where I work. The last piece of cake, last cookie, last donut will be cut in half, then cut in half again until all that remains is a tiny chunk. No on ever wants to take the last piece. But, now that I think of it… they probably just don’t want to be responsible for throwing away the empty container or washing the plate!

  4. Ehh, Susan, I’m not sure if I agree — yes, I hate to be the last person to drink lemonade in my house because that means I have to make some, but you usually assume the person who provided will have to clean up as well.

    As for the long Minnesotan goodbye, it’s only natural for me to say a quick goodbye to everyone who I know at a party because I know how disappointing it can be to realize that in all the commotion you never got a chance to talk to so-and-so. Then again, my mom is somehow capable of starting up a brand new conversation (ah, extroverts! They have it so easy at parties!), so I wonder… is the MN Goodbye a relic of the days out on the prairies where you might not get out to town all the time so you want to make it last? If so, why is it prevalent in the cities as well (unless there are enough (grand)children of farmers to make the urbanites feel like they should too)?

  5. cursed last bite

    City Pages got wind of the Minnesotan “won’t take the last bite” meme, in the form of a Facebook group, Cursed Last Bites Of Minnesota. People are posting wonderful photos there of the sad remains of food someone brought to the office, to a party, or to a family gathering.


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