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  1. Wow. Did you ever expect to find such cultural diversitiy in the boring old Midwest?? And since we are basically in the middle of the continent, we are fairly well protected from any major weather calamities, except of course 30 below wind chills.

  2. And tornados. Can’t forget the tornados.

    Before moving here I knew in theory that the Twin Cities have a lot to offer. It is great to have a large metro area, a new state, and an entire region of the country to explore.

  3. Oops. Yes forgot tornados, but not that many considering those poor states south of us. And maybe an occasional blizzard that drops 14 inches of snow now and again.

  4. Thanks for the nice write up Keith! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you guys and look forward to seeing you again when you’re in the neighborhood. ~Jason @ A Greener Read Used Bookstore

  5. Great comments about Payne Ave. I live just west of Payne Ave. Look forward to seeing more articles on the area.

  6. Hello Al and welcome. If you have any suggestions for what to experience in Ward Six I would happily entertain them.

  7. You should definitely continue up Payne Ave to many more businesses. If you liked Ward 6, you should definitely try out Tongue in Cheek and Cook St. Paul.

    You missed one of our breweries just east of Payne Ave on Minnehaha: Flat Earth. Also up on Payne across the street from Tongue in Cheek is Sidhe Brewing, which is housed inside the fantastic Plaza del Sol along with various Mexican restaurants and a barbershop.

  8. Eric — great, thanks, I wish more people would assign homework like this! Clearly we have more ’splorin’ to do out to the northeast.

  9. Oh that’s a shame! My guess is the neighborhood, moving up the (culinary) scale, just can’t support all that many fine restaurants yet. Also, Brunson’s Pub may have picked off some of the custom that Ward 6 enjoyed.

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