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  1. Wow. Did you ever expect to find such cul­tur­al diver­si­tiy in the bor­ing old Mid­west?? And since we are basi­cal­ly in the mid­dle of the con­ti­nent, we are fair­ly well pro­tect­ed from any major weath­er calami­ties, except of course 30 below wind chills.

  2. And tor­na­dos. Can’t for­get the tornados.

    Before mov­ing here I knew in the­o­ry that the Twin Cities have a lot to offer. It is great to have a large metro area, a new state, and an entire region of the coun­try to explore.

  3. Oops. Yes for­got tor­na­dos, but not that many con­sid­er­ing those poor states south of us. And maybe an occa­sion­al bliz­zard that drops 14 inch­es of snow now and again.

  4. Thanks for the nice write up Kei­th! It's been a plea­sure get­ting to know you guys and look for­ward to see­ing you again when you're in the neigh­bor­hood. ~Jason @ A Green­er Read Used Bookstore

  5. Great com­ments about Payne Ave. I live just west of Payne Ave. Look for­ward to see­ing more arti­cles on the area.

  6. Hel­lo Al and wel­come. If you have any sug­ges­tions for what to expe­ri­ence in Ward Six I would hap­pi­ly enter­tain them.

  7. You should def­i­nite­ly con­tin­ue up Payne Ave to many more busi­ness­es. If you liked Ward 6, you should def­i­nite­ly try out Tongue in Cheek and Cook St. Paul.

    You missed one of our brew­eries just east of Payne Ave on Min­neha­ha: Flat Earth. Also up on Payne across the street from Tongue in Cheek is Sid­he Brew­ing, which is housed inside the fan­tas­tic Plaza del Sol along with var­i­ous Mex­i­can restau­rants and a barbershop.

  8. Eric — great, thanks, I wish more peo­ple would assign home­work like this! Clear­ly we have more ’splorin’ to do out to the northeast.

  9. Oh that's a shame! My guess is the neigh­bor­hood, mov­ing up the (culi­nary) scale, just can’t sup­port all that many fine restau­rants yet. Also, Brunson’s Pub may have picked off some of the cus­tom that Ward 6 enjoyed.

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