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  1. We always ask the host if they want us to take off our shoes regardless of the time of year. We usually bring our own slippers, which seems geeky but we hate having cold feet. Our guests usually ask if they should take off their shoes. If is is wet or snowy we say yes.

  2. Julie, thanks for commenting here. There’s a lively conversation happening on Nextdoor.com where I linked this blog post; and a smaller-scale one among my Facebook friends. I’m getting it that a lot of Minnesotans just automatically bring along slippers or slipper-socks when visiting; and some suggest to their out-of-area guests that it’s a good idea to do so.

  3. I’ve never run into anyone bringing slippers/slipper-socks to my house. Most of my buddies just automatically ask, I say yes. I take off my own shoes unless I’m only running in for a second. I’m pretty sure most Minnesotans own slippers and it’s not weird to wear them at like 3 pm, but not at someone else’s house. You may be confusing Birkenstock shoes for slippers, a kind of clog mysteriously always worn with long socks over yoga pants for the teenaged girl in her natural habitat. Just kidding- what is the deal with socks and sandals nowadays, though? Guys and girls.

  4. I grew up in Erie, PA and my mom always insisted on removing shoes indoors. She grew up in Steubenville, OH. I never once thought it weird to remove shoes having lived in MN now for 15 years and having visited Minnesota for over 35. It’s a habit and a good one. As an interior designer, I am in people’s homes often and I will always remove shoes, no matter the season.

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