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  1. Was just talk­ing about this street with my wife this week. I vol­un­teer my street for this, though I'm guess­ing it would be much more dif­fi­cult. Our lit­tle sec­tion of Mac Grov­e­land doesn't have a park with­out cross­ing Grand, St. Clair, Snelling, or Ham­line. Let’s trans­form one of the streets in this way!

  2. Great idea! A woon­erf and a park in one. Some of us are still pay­ing ease­ments for the nice new curbs (I think it was), and it would induce mixed emo­tions to tear them up for a lin­ear park. Also, some pro­vi­sion would have to be made for park­ing for res­i­dents along the street. Unlike Mil­wau­kee Avenue, most Mac Grov­e­land hous­es are ser­viced by an alley and have garages, so per­haps not that many spaces would be need­ed. Here is what they did on Milwaukee:

    Milwaukee parking

    This is a Google Street View image look­ing west from 22nd Street East at 23rd Avenue. They carved out an area from what used to be 22nd Street for res­i­dent park­ing. (Come to think of it, that Porsche was parked in the same spot two days ago as well.)

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