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  1. Was just talking about this street with my wife this week. I volunteer my street for this, though I’m guessing it would be much more difficult. Our little section of Mac Groveland doesn’t have a park without crossing Grand, St. Clair, Snelling, or Hamline. Let’s transform one of the streets in this way!

  2. Great idea! A woonerf and a park in one. Some of us are still paying easements for the nice new curbs (I think it was), and it would induce mixed emotions to tear them up for a linear park. Also, some provision would have to be made for parking for residents along the street. Unlike Milwaukee Avenue, most Mac Groveland houses are serviced by an alley and have garages, so perhaps not that many spaces would be needed. Here is what they did on Milwaukee:

    Milwaukee parking

    This is a Google Street View image looking west from 22nd Street East at 23rd Avenue. They carved out an area from what used to be 22nd Street for resident parking. (Come to think of it, that Porsche was parked in the same spot two days ago as well.)

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