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  1. Very cool, I love it when kids going out can be assured of a safer round­ing for good­ies and adults get into it as well. We'll done neigh­bors.

  2. Sev­er­al of us start­ed this about 31 years ago for our own chil­dren and it has grown from there.

    Infor­mal count this year (a mild Sat­ur­day) was around 1200 chil­dren — prob­a­bly a record. Plus anoth­er 2000 or 3000 par­ents. Most seem to come from with­in 6 or 8 blocks of Sar­gent and Cretin.

  3. Hel­lo Tom, thanks for the his­tor­i­cal note. Do your own kids (now grown up) come back to enjoy the fes­tiv­i­ties each year?

  4. Yes, my kids come back every year, though on the oth­er side: in cos­tume often, and hand­ing out can­dy.

    A bit spe­cial this year: my first grand­child did the rounds. He is just 5 months old and was dressed, warm­ly, as a banana. 

    This isn't actu­al­ly that unusu­al. Sev­er­al par­ents have been telling us that they came as kids them­selves and are now bring­ing their own chil­dren.

    It is also a great neigh­bor­hood meet-up night. Lots of vis­it­ing while dis­plays are being assem­bled, emer­gency can­dy exchanges, wel­com­ing of new neigh­bors, etc.

  5. Wow. Fun! How on earth did they make the side­walk yel­low? Very cool.

  6. Hi Lin­da, where ya been? 🙂 I think they might have used kids' yel­low side­walk chalk. Or I guess they could have used duct tape; it comes in all sort of col­ors & pat­terns now. Would be expen­sive though.

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