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  1. Sounds like a fun event. I love fall fes­ti­vals with good food. Tomor­row we are going to the “Shalom Ya’ll” Jew­ish Food Fes­ti­val. Today we had Latin food from a great food truck at an Arts Fes­ti­val. When the weath­er gets real­ly cold up there please plan a trip to come see us. We're all set­tled in and the guest room is real­ly nice for vis­i­tors!

  2. Hi Gaye, and thanks — we’ll be on a plane to Savan­nah this win­ter, you betcha!

  3. To be hon­est with you, I had nev­er heard of a Booya either, until I start­ed work­ing for the city of Roseville. The fire depart­ment hosts an annu­al fundrais­er each year. I grew up in Min­neso­ta and have lived here most of my life. Did you go, and was it any good?

  4. Hi Julie, yes we went. It was a fine par­ty and we met some more of the neigh­bors. The booy­ah was very good. This one was cooked for “only” 12 hours — the hosts got up at 4:30 in the morn­ing to get it start­ed. Some I read about sim­mer for two days.

  5. Huh. For what it's worth, I both grew up in the Mid­west (Indi­ana) and live in Min­neso­ta (since 1998) — and today's the first time I've ever heard of this.

    Makes me won­der what oth­er stuff is going on out there …

  6. Hel­lo Dave, wel­come to the par­ty. Find­ing out the oth­er stuff going on out there and let­ting the world know about it is the job of this blog! I’m not sur­prised that an Indi­ana upbring­ing wouldn't have acquaint­ed you with the booy­ah. The sources I read said its geo­graph­i­cal extent is north­ern and north­west­ern Wis­con­sin, around the Twin Cities, and Michigan’s Upper Penin­su­la.

  7. Was fun to see you both there. I’m enjoy­ing your blog — almost feels for me like redis­cov­er­ing MN through your eyes. Keep send­ing us your thoughts and impres­sions. 🙂

  8. I grew up with bouyas, my uncle would come from Seat­tle and stay up all night mak­ing bouya in huge black ket­tle, stirred with a wood­en pad­dle, with beef, chick­en and all kinds of veg­eta­bles. It was a fun way to have a fam­i­ly gath­er­ing. It's deli­cious. I have made it myself.

  9. Hi Lau­reen. Inter­est­ing, did your fam­i­ly spell it that way, or where did you encounter that spelling? I don't see many ref­er­ences online to “bouya”; “bou­ja” is more com­mon, but “booya[h]” rules the roost.

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