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  1. We stopped at the booths of Amy Klobuchar, Al Franken, and the Democrat Farm Labor Party. Neither Amy, Al, Bernie, nor Hillary was in attendance. We would have visited booths for Republican candidates but didn’t see any.

  2. I’ve never had the beer on a stick… do the cups not come out? I guess a person could use a straw, but that’d be a little weird.

    Glad you had fun at the Fair! My favorite part this year was seeing my 12-year-old completely enchanted at the birth of a lamb in the Miracle of Birth barn.

  3. Yes, the cups come out; it’s just a wide stick with holes. With full cups, it’s heavy to hold by the handle alone; the cooperative fairgoer who agreed to be photographed looked pretty strong. You really need a small crowd with you to drink it properly.

    You’re right, a straw would be… odd.

  4. Oh excellent, Thanks Jim! More an appreciator than a practitioner, at least so far, but we’ll see what the muse has to say.

  5. Well, gee. Where ya been? Is your LDL so high that you can’t think? All that fair food doncha know… or has life here become mundane a nd boring compared to life on the east coast?

  6. Hi Linda, there has been a bit of a hiatus, hasn’t there? A bunch of life has intruded. I expect to be back to posting later this week.

    Meanwhile, on the pizza front: we had out-of-town guests from back East last week (one of the intruding bits, see above) and took them to Luce. They were insistent on sampling the square cut. This time I was not so very taken by Luce’s pizza. On the upside, we had earlier tried the ur-Punch in Highland and found the simulation of the Neapolitan pizza experience quite compelling.

  7. Well, that is good. I have 3 brothers, and one lives in Syracuse. He visited last week to spend time with Mom and Dad. We had fun discussing your blog and the nuances of life here and out east. I think my favorite is the tornado sirens… and of course “Well that’s kinda different.” We are so the epitome of passive/aggressive! Drives me nuts.

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