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  1. Hi, my name is Sam and I’m a 15 year old license plate collector from Concord Mass, near where you used to live in Groton. I just stumbled upon your blog and have found it very interesting. I also came across this post on changing plates, and saw the picture of your old Mass EV plates. I am wondering if you would be willing to part with one of both of these plates, as I collect different kinds of Mass plates and have yet to acquire one of these. You can check out my site to see some info on my collection. Please let me know what you think and if we could work something out. Thanks! — Sam

  2. Hi Sam, thanks for writing. Unfortunately I destroyed the Mass. plates. It was indeed unfortunate because it turns out I was supposed to send them back to the Mass. RMV, as proof that they were in fact retired from use.

    Instead I had to download, fill out, and mail in a form declaring my old plates lost. In return, in the eventual fullness of time, the RMV sent me a form declaring the loss as fact. Now I need to send that form plus a copy of my new Minn. registration, to the tax assessor in Groton, so that in the fullness of even more time they may rebate some of my 2015 excise tax.

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