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  1. Amar­il­lo has had 102 hors­es (quar­ter­hors­es, to be exact, since Amar­il­lo is the home of the Nation­al Quar­ter­horse Asso­ci­a­tion), since 2002. They're still there. Don't know if they'll be auc­tioned off…

  2. Hi Valerie, wel­come to the fray. Let's see, 102 quar­ter­hors­es: that works out to 25.5 hors­es, no?

    59 of the stat­ues are list­ed here.

  3. When are you con­tin­u­ing with your blog, Kei­th? George and I miss it. We read it to each oth­er dai­ly and wish you'd do some more posting.

  4. Thanks for the vote of sup­port. I hope to get back to post­ing soon. Things have been a lit­tle crazy here with a fam­i­ly health crisis.

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