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  1. You real­ly need to try the Ital­ian Pie Shop.. It is in the Mac Grov­e­land neigh­bor­hood on Grand avenue and is by far the best piz­za in the city. Their deep dish is the clos­est you will find to true Chica­go style piz­za. Such a great but­tery crust.

  2. Thanks, Jason. I have had their piz­za, though per­haps not under con­di­tions con­ducive to a con­sid­ered comestible com­par­i­son. I brought a few pies home for an almost ad-hoc par­ty, on bor­rowed chairs, in our new emp­ty house before the mov­ing truck had arrived. The piz­za was OK. I didn't get much of it. It was cut into lit­tle square pieces.

    I think we need to go there and sit down to a piz­za and a brew in order to make a fair assess­ment.

    Per­son­al­ly I'm not a big fan of deep-dish Chica­go style.

  3. Try the piz­za at Piz­za Luce that has mashed pota­toes on it. You will love it!

    Also try Punch Piz­za in High­land Vil­lage.

  4. Wor­ry not, I hope to sam­ple all of Luce's wares before too long.

    We have been to the Punch on Grand and those in Wayza­ta and Eden Prairie. Is High­land qual­i­ta­tive­ly bet­ter than those, or is it "just" anoth­er Punch expe­ri­ence? (Which is by def­i­n­i­tion pret­ty good, of course.)

  5. I believe the High­land Punch is the orig­i­nal restau­rant and the only one that does table ser­vice vs. order­ing at the counter. I don't think the qual­i­ty of the piz­za or food is any dif­fer­ent than the oth­er loca­tions, just more of a sit-down restau­rant-y feel. 

    Once you are ready to return to Piz­za Luce, a fun out­ing is to take the blue line light rail all the way to the end in the ware­house dis­trict in Min­neapo­lis and walk a few blocks to the Piz­za Luce there. Still great piz­za with a more urban vibe.

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