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  1. I think you could probably double the number you’ve counted in the “super blocks” here in Mac-Groveland — I live on Berkeley, and between Snelling and Fairview I know there are at least three, but only one is marked. I’m sure not everyone reports their LFL to the official website.

    But no matter how many, or how fancy, or how big, I’m sure every block could use a couple more. This is one of the best ideas to come around in a long time! Thanks for the story — it’s really something we can be proud of here in our neighborhood.

  2. Thank you, Sherri. If the actual number were double, that would surprise me greatly. We drove every street in that 2.44-sq.mi.area, noting locations of all visible LFLs. We might well have have missed a few. If you send me locations (an email link is on the About page) I will update the map.

    I didn’t rely on the official map hosted on the LFL site. For the registered Libraries to be included on that map, the caretaker has to take one additional step. I expect that few know that — the curator of my nearest neighboring LFL didn’t when I asked her. The official LFL map shows only five in that four-square-super-block area in which I counted twenty-one.

  3. I live in Berkeley, CA and walk in many neighborhoods. I’ve seen many of these little libraries. Nice to have the history. Next time I notice one, I’ll check to see its pedigree.

  4. Hi Kendelyn, thanks for the report from the Far Left Coast. I last lived in Berkeley in 1976, and visited a number of times on business over the following two decades. Now that I think about it, Berkeley is a city as walkable as St. Paul: Every street has sidewalks on both sides, even the smaller twisty streets way up into the hills. Perfect for LFLs.

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