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  1. I think you could prob­a­bly dou­ble the num­ber you've count­ed in the "super blocks" here in Mac-Grov­e­land — I live on Berke­ley, and between Snelling and Fairview I know there are at least three, but only one is marked. I'm sure not every­one reports their LFL to the offi­cial website. 

    But no mat­ter how many, or how fan­cy, or how big, I'm sure every block could use a cou­ple more. This is one of the best ideas to come around in a long time! Thanks for the sto­ry — it's real­ly some­thing we can be proud of here in our neighborhood.

  2. Thank you, Sher­ri. If the actu­al num­ber were dou­ble, that would sur­prise me great­ly. We drove every street in that 2.44-sq.mi.area, not­ing loca­tions of all vis­i­ble LFLs. We might well have have missed a few. If you send me loca­tions (an email link is on the About page) I will update the map.

    I didn't rely on the offi­cial map host­ed on the LFL site. For the reg­is­tered Libraries to be includ­ed on that map, the care­tak­er has to take one addi­tion­al step. I expect that few know that — the cura­tor of my near­est neigh­bor­ing LFL didn't when I asked her. The offi­cial LFL map shows only five in that four-square-super-block area in which I count­ed twenty-one.

  3. I live in Berke­ley, CA and walk in many neigh­bor­hoods. I've seen many of these lit­tle libraries. Nice to have the his­to­ry. Next time I notice one, I'll check to see its pedigree.

  4. Hi Kende­lyn, thanks for the report from the Far Left Coast. I last lived in Berke­ley in 1976, and vis­it­ed a num­ber of times on busi­ness over the fol­low­ing two decades. Now that I think about it, Berke­ley is a city as walk­a­ble as St. Paul: Every street has side­walks on both sides, even the small­er twisty streets way up into the hills. Per­fect for LFLs.

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