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  1. Kei­th, LOVE your blogs…read them all!! Fun to hear news of the Twin Cities, hav­ing left there in 1985. Will be a reg­u­lar fan and avid read­er!! Obvi­ous­ly, I am more famil­iar with MPLS but love to read all of the "juicy bits" on both cities.

  2. Barb, thanks for the com­ment! Since you left the Cities have got­ten a lot more food-con­scious, going by Katharyn's impres­sions. More food­ie-ori­ent­ed restau­rants. The Boule­vard would have lots of com­pe­ti­tion now.

    P.S. — I'm sor­ry to be so long in reply­ing; thought I had done so days ago.

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