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  1. How per­fect­ly love­ly. Yes, Mac-Grov­e­land is indeed an amaz­ing won­der­ful place to live.

  2. I notice the same thing on my walks. 🙂 I live in High­land and we don't have the fan­cy stop signs.

  3. St. Paul is a gor­geous walk­ing city. If you'll walk the mile or so down to the Mis­sis­sip­pi it only gets better!

    Inci­den­tal­ly, my hus­band is from Boston (Ded­ham, actu­al­ly), and shares your view that Mid­west­ern piz­za is sim­ply a dif­fer­ent ani­mal. 14 years into his res­i­den­cy here, his favorite "stan­dard" piz­za — so, not Chica­go-style, Neapoli­tan, wood-fired, etc. — is Piz­za Luce on Selby.

    Wel­come to the neighborhood!

  4. Kel­ly, thanks for the rec­om­men­da­tion of Piz­za Luce. That is the sec­ond one on this blog and it get­ting to be high time my wife and I tried it out!

    We haven't head­ed west on foot yet. Soon though.

  5. Julie, I have seen those stop signs in sev­er­al city neigh­bor­hoods. This time­line from the Pub­lic Art St. Paul site indi­cates that the stop-sign beau­ti­fi­ca­tion project began in 2013 and is ongo­ing. So there's hope for High­land yet.

  6. I am enjoy­ing your blog! Quick note of clar­i­fi­ca­tion about Pub­lic Art Saint Paul (PASP). The orga­ni­za­tion was actu­al­ly found­ed in 1987 and the found­ing direc­tor, Chris­tine Podas-Lar­son, just retired the end of June. The side­walk poems was a project ini­ti­at­ed by Mar­cus Young, one of the City Artists. The City Artist arm of PASP was been in exis­tence for the past 10 years. PASP is a fab­u­lous orga­ni­za­tion and there are two stone sculp­tures in the High­land Park neigh­bor­hood that were a result of MN Rocks!, an inter­na­tion­al stone carv­ing sym­po­sium that was held on the front lawn of Saint Paul College.

  7. Thank you Lin­da, and glad you're enjoy­ing! I will make that cor­rec­tion in the post. I have installed Scott Carpenter's Post Revi­sion Dis­play plu­g­in, and will be tweak­ing its dis­play prop­er­ties, so vis­i­tors will be able to see exact­ly what changed in the post and when.

    [2015 – 08-24] Apolo­gies, that plu­g­in has var­i­ous unde­sired side effects. I have dis­abled it.

  8. Piz­za Luce also has a killer tiramisu. I always skip one piece of piz­za for room for dessert. I have been known to stop in and just grab dessert…lol

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