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  1. Over in Min­neapo­lis, the more than 100 year old Schu­bert The­atre was saved from destruc­tion and lit­er­al­ly lift­ed and moved 3 blocks away to 5th and Hen­nepin. If you go to the Schu­bert The­atre web­site, there is a Youtube fast for­ward video of the build­ing being moved to 5th and Hen­nepin. It was am amaz­ing feat!

  2. Your talk of neigh­bor­hood & urban design pat­terns reminds me of a book called "A Pat­tern Lan­guage" by a group of archi­tects & urban plan­ners. It was writ­ten in the 70's but from what I under­stand con­tin­ues to be one of the best-sell­ing books on archi­tec­ture. It describes a set of design pat­terns that pro­mote healthy neigh­bor­hoods. You described a num­ber of them in your post (shop­ping streets, neigh­bor­hood bound­aries, den­si­ty, etc.). Great to have a num­ber of these design ele­ments in Mac-Grov­e­land sup­port­ing this being such a liv­able community.

  3. Jim, thank you for the ref­er­ence! I have seen A Pat­tern Lan­guage; at some point I perused it stand­ing up in a book­store some­where. Will keep an eye out for it. Katharyn was a book­seller back in Mass­a­chu­setts, and we brought a hun­dred or so box­es of the cream of the col­lec­tion with us; per­haps there's a copy still await­ing shelv­ing downstairs.

  4. You and Katharyn might be inter­est­ed in a new (and maybe the sec­ond?) book­store in Mac-Grov­e­land called Adden­dum. It is young-adult focused and locat­ed at Ran­dolph & Cleve­land. I have not had a chance to stop in yet but the Pio­neer Press did a nice arti­cle on them and anoth­er book­store ear­li­er this sum­mer (link below). Great to see some open­ings and expan­sions of local brick-and-mor­tar book­stores instead of the oppo­site that has typ­i­cal­ly been the case.

  5. Jim, thanks again. Very nice pro­file of the two stores. It hap­pens we dined at Luci this evening, 2 doors down from Adden­dum. We'll vis­it soon when they are open.

  6. Enjoy­ing the blog! A New York trans­plant that has lived here for 5 years. You men­tion how the busi­ness­es clus­ter at inter­sec­tions of "super blocks." I am pret­ty sure all those lit­tle micro vil­lages trace back to where the street cars had stops. But not 100 per­cent sure.

  7. Thank you, Ben­jamin. Good obser­va­tion! I will see what I can turn up in the way of old street­car maps.

  8. Ben­jamin, look what I found: a map of old Twin Cities street­car routes. Below is a close-up from it. Your the­o­ry is half borne out. Lines ran down the east-west super-block bor­der­ing streets Sel­by /​ Mar­shall, Grand, St.Clair, and Ran­dolph. Of the north-south streets, only Snelling was covered.
    mac-groveland streetcar routes

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