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  1. Turns out there are more ways to slice a piz­za. An infi­nite num­ber more. Here’s a mathematician’s dis­cov­ery of how to make 12 iden­ti­cal­ly shaped piz­za slices using curved cuts:
    12 slices
    And we can make 10, 14, 18, 22, … iden­ti­cal slices at will. Depend­ing on how fine our scalpel is and how coop­er­a­tive the piz­za dough.

  2. That is very love­ly!! Per­haps we can start a trend, a way unique to St. Paul to slice a beau­ti­ful pizza!

  3. Tomor­row the clan is eat­ing din­ner at Mancini’s on Dad’s birth­day. He and Nick knew each oth­er well, as fel­low Ital­ian restu­ar­ant own­ers. We ate there last year for Dad’s 99th birth­day, and as always were treat­ed like roy­al­ty by Nick’s sons. They always ply us with free ani­ti­pas­to and gar­lic toast. So deli­cious and yum­my. Dad won’t be there to eat, but his spir­it will be, and he will be hav­ing a Wind­sor 7, or maybe two.

  4. This is won­der­ful to hear, your dad’s mem­o­ry unit­ing the fam­i­ly in good times.

    Speak­ing of piz­za, we’re just back from Punch in High­land, the orig­i­nal one. Just fan­tas­tic Neapoli­tan piz­za. I had sausage, mush­room, saracene olive, cracked red pep­per, and oregano (“Max­imus“ with a sub­sti­tu­tion for the pep­per­oni); Katharyn enjoyed arugu­la, pro­sciut­to, goat cheese, cracked red pep­per, and gar­lic (“Toto”). The wine by the glass is a gen­er­ous pour. Qui, sono felice.

  5. Well I am so glad that you enjoyed the Punch piz­za. All this talk about piz­za sort of makes me con­sid­er try­ing some out again. Maybe or maybe not…

  6. Here’s one answer to the ques­tion of sell­ing piz­za by the “slice” in Min­neso­ta. Speed­way, f.k.a. Super Amer­i­ca, does it in the East Coast fash­ion: two tri­an­gu­lar slices per serv­ing. Although this offer may be a lim­it­ed-time BOGO, as the natives say: buy-one-get-one. No one knows what that is in Mass­a­chu­setts. Speed­way bill­board across from Due Foccaria

  7. Oh Kei­th! Thank you for for­ward­ing this con­ver­sa­tion to me!! I am cry­ing a bit but smil­ing at the same time. I will for­ward to my broth­ers and sis­ter, who will no doubt enjoy immense­ly. So many good mem­o­ries of that place. I still dis­cuss the Venice Cafe with many of my patients who are my age or old­er, and when I ask them if they ever ate there, about 90% who were raised around here remem­ber it fond­ly. For most it was their first expe­ri­ence with Ital­ian food and espe­cial­ly piz­za pie! Thanks Keith!!!

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