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  1. Wow. I am so excit­ed about your blog. I am 67, born and raised in Min­neapo­lis. Now liv­ing in your area for 31 years. This neigh­bor­hood is amaz­ing. I am of Sicil­ian descent and here are few Ital­ians here. Peo­ple always ask if I am from New York. I guess I don't have the oof­da thing. Do you lis­ten to Prairie Home Com­pan­ion? I bet you do. An of course you know where Garrison's Com­mon Good book store is on Snelling??! My hus­band is Irish and hock­ey is huge here in St. Paul. In Min­neapo­lis it is base­ball. I work at a clin­ic Min­neapo­lis! and we have the largest urban pop­u­la­tion of Amer­i­can Indi­ans in our neigh­bor­hood in the coun­try. Also Soma­lian refugees. I could rat­tle on and on about the twin Cities, but I look for­ward to your obser­va­tions as a new­com­er to the Land of Lakes and loons and hock­ey and beer and cab­ins "up north". And snow­mo­biles, mines, old growth forests, the Guthrie The­atre, wild rice, Mayo Clin­ic, bundt cake, hot dish, and the biggest State Fair in the world… no chick­ens this year.

  2. Hel­lo Lin­da, thanks for your com­ments! I won­der how you would say "oof­da" in Ital­ian or Sicu­lu? Yes, I've been a PHC lis­ten­er for decades, long pre­dat­ing even when I knew my wife (or any­one from here, real­ly). We are an easy walk from Com­mon Good and already quite famil­iar with it. (Sold them a few copies of a book, True Cow Tales, a few years back, as a mat­ter of fact.)

    Here's my box score to date on your Min­neso­ta buck­et list:

    √ lakes
    √ beer
    cab­ins "up north"
    old growth forests
    the Guthrie The­atre
    √ wild rice
    Mayo Clin­ic
    √ bundt cake
    √ hot dish
    √ state fair

    I gave the state fair a check­mark because we already have tick­ets to go, and also to catch the PHC broad­cast from there in Sep­tem­ber.

  3. I hope that nei­ther of you need the Mayo Clin­ic. And can see a play at the Gruthrie. To under­stand the mines in north­ern Min­neso­ta , watch "North Coun­try" with Chari­ize Theron, about the first class action suit by a group of women who were sex­u­al­ly harassed in the taconite mines in north­ern Min­neso­ta . Very good. And true.

    I am sor­ry. This is prob­a­bly too seri­ous, but thought you and your wife could share this with your friends on the east coast. Some­times peo­ple in MN are some­what for­ward think­ing, despite our Scan­di­na­vian devo­tion to mak­ing peace. Kind of like the char­ac­ters in "The Girl with the Drag­on Tat­too".

  4. Today Katharyn and I stopped into the Cold Front, which is next door to the Nook (one of the local pur­vey­ors of Juicy Lucys). We each ordered a kid-sized sug­ar cone from the selec­tion of 10 fla­vors (I think it was) on dis­play. I had peach and Katharyn ordered the Fat Elvis, which involved peanut but­ter, banana, and choco­late — prob­a­bly bacon too for all I know. The ice cream was fine, rich and creamy. We had a long chat with Steve, the own­er. One high point of the shop, which we didn't sam­ple on this vis­it, is their sodas — all made there and served at a hip old-fash­ioned soda counter. I want to try the pome­gran­ate gin­ger, per­haps in the form of a float with vanil­la ice cream. The blood orange & beet­root sounds intrigu­ing too.

  5. Giv­en you already have tick­ets, will be inter­est­ed in hear­ing your take on the Min­neso­ta State Fair. It is a mashup of many things Min­nesotan: urban, rur­al, farm­ing cul­ture, pol­i­tics, food, beer, rides, crafts, and music, plus some of the most inter­est­ing peo­ple-watch­ing you can imag­ine.

  6. Thanks, Jim. I will be dis­ap­point­ed if the State Fair doesn't pro­vide fare for many, many blog posts. For exam­ple, I am look­ing for­ward to the but­ter sculp­tures, and not only that of Princess K of the Milky Way, but hers too. My acquain­tance with such things is most­ly lit­er­ary — to wit: http://​www​.poet​ry​foun​da​tion​.org/​a​r​c​h​i​v​e​/​p​o​e​m​.​h​t​m​l​?​i​d​=​2​3​8​394

  7. Oh those are price­less. The one that made me spew the liq­uid I was drink­ing ends in "Damn, you are creepy."

    I men­tioned in a com­ment above that I had once sold some books to Com­mon Good: True Cow Tales by C.R. Lin­de­mer. One of the sketch­es Chris col­lect­ed was writ­ten by the sculp­tor who for decades had ren­dered each year's Princess Kay in but­ter.

  8. I just Googled myself in an attempt to locate some book reviews I've writ­ten. I appre­ci­ate your men­tion of my anthol­o­gy! I hope you and yours are well.

  9. Hey Chris, thanks for com­ment­ing and you’re most wel­come!

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