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  1. Try Sham­rocks on West 7th. Per­haps we could all go along with Kimber!

  2. Ah, the oth­er Casper’s & Runyon’s loca­tion. If the Lucys are any­thing like those at the Nook, it’d def­i­nite­ly be worth a vis­it. See if you can get a net over Kim­ber. She was in the par­ty when we first enjoyed a Lucy at the 5 – 8 Club.

  3. Hmm, I see they are just off Ran­dolph, a straight shot down from the Nook at Ran­dolph & Hamline.

  4. My ide­al read­er! Those of us who pen his­tor­i­cal blogs always secret­ly wish for a read­er who will do just what you are doing: stum­ble across a piece who-knows-how, become intrigued, and go back and start at the beginning.

    Many of the Updates are recent, as you will have noticed. When I recom­mit­ted to writ­ing more fre­quent­ly here, I start­ed at the begin­ning myself and couldn't resist bring­ing things a bit more up to date.

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