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  1. Not an Easterner. Moved here from Colorado. Shortly after the move the CEO of Burlington Northern (it was still headquartered in St. Paul) said that Mpls was a Western city & St. Paul was an Eastern city. Missing Colorado at the time I sort of appreciated what he was getting at. All the same I have only lived in at. Paul. Any thoughts about that characterization?

  2. Hi Bart, I can’t really comment about Western cities… I have only lived in California in the West, Berkeley & Oakland to be exact. California is a bit of a special case, and the Bay Area more so, and Berkeley still further more.

    I would have said Minneapolis feels more Eastern; more hustle, more go-go than St. Paul. As I left Berkeley for the East many years ago, in my 20s, I recall having taken to heart the words of a then-columnist in the San Francisco Chronicle — it might have been Jon Carroll. He characterized the East as the place where “tough and smart means tough and smart.”

    How did it seem to you that Minneapolis had a Western flavor?

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