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Finally Bottle Rocket — 5 Comments

  1. Looking forward to stopping by. Hoping they add a new awning or something to the windows to create dimensional articulation to the building front. It needs a little more in the way of curb appeal.

  2. Hi Michelle, I agree it looks a bit stark at the moment. (19°F and a stiff breeze didn’t help, either, when I took that photo.)

  3. Just down St Claire from where we live. My wife and I will be in for sure to check out the new business.

  4. The same has happened at what is now Mercury at the Soo Line Building in Minneapolis, Keith. We went for brunch on Saturday and now that it is an all-day diner. People living upstairs can use it as their kitchen, almost, and folks can pop in at all hours getting comfort food, rather than trying to figure out the next big “concept” and waiting hours for a table. Lovely spot. We would love to go with you to Bottle Rocket!

  5. Let’s set a date! Mercury is also one of the Blue Plate group of restaurants, operating in the space that had been Brasserie Zentral. Mercury opened last fall and at the time I believed that the corporate effort and attention directed to it were responsible for delaying Bottle Rocket. This account in the Strib confirms how crazy things were for Blue Plate at that time. Bottle Rocket was initially slated to open late in 2016 and in fact the corporate website still says “coming in late 2016”.

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