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  1. Whole Foods indeed stated that no grocery store could move in the old site. My husband had asked Fresh Thyme to locate there. They said they already pursued that and were told of the Whole Foods deal. If RC Dicks had a clause like that, Whole Foods would never have been there. Too bad they have to be so greedy and unneighborly.

  2. Nice to see the new posting, Keith!!! Thanks. You and your lovely wife need to take the new A-Line to Blue Line and we’ll all meet at the mall, including Kimber, and go to one of the new spots there! George is excited about the A-Line and hoping to go up to Roseville on it.

  3. Brian, count on it! In the past we have been regulars at Roseville Mall largely because of the presence of the Apple Store there.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation, Carolyn. How can Whole Foods enforce a clause like that? Or was it more in the nature of a handshake with the City Council, who agreed to such a ban? (And who is RC Dicks? Way before my time here.)

  5. I remember R.C. Dicks, and I think they are a bunch of jerks. I think any store should be able to use that space if they have the finances to do so.

  6. Help me out with the history here. Does R.C. Dicks own that building? Did they occupy it 20+ years ago before Whole Foods came in?

  7. As a Merriam Park neighbor whose “walkable” grocery store was and remains Whole Foods, I’m not thrilled about the pharmacy chain, either. As for groceries, stay fresh and local, and take the #21 to Mississippi Market at Selby and Dale. My husband works at the West 7th Street MS Market, and we’ve never eaten so well.

  8. Thanks, Amy. We joined MS Market a few months back and have been to the Selby location a few times. I noticed it was commended by City Pages for “best fresh produce.” After a few too many recent disappointments with produce from the Highland Lunds & Byerlys, we will be relying more on MS Market in that department. Unfortunately MSM doesn’t carry a few of my everyday necessities — no organic milk, and none of the catfood that my cat will eat.

  9. Does anyone know for sure that the building cannot be used as a grocery store? I have been contacting other grocery stores to think of that space for a grocery store. I will not be grocery shopping at Selby and Snelling. If I have to park, that parking area is too small to get in and out of.

  10. Hi Josie. The best information I have is in the previous comments here. But I think it’s moot now; CVS is a done deal. Looks like they pulled the building permit, judging by the dumpster and the sign out front.

  11. Reviving this to state that Black Coffee & Waffle Bar is on Cretin and Marshall, not Randolph.

    Also, does anyone know what will be next to CVS as the 2nd tenant? I once heard a coffee shop but would love confirmation & more details if possible.

  12. CVS’s tenant: I dream of a greengrocer, ideally a Korean grocer the likes of which dot many a corner in Manhattan. But I’m not holding my breath.

    Re: Randolph / Marshall: those who know me know that whenever I say one of that pair, inevitably I mean the other one. Don’t know why I can’t keep them straight. The bad habit doesn’t usually spill over into print, however. Fixed now.

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