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  1. Very cool, I love it when kids going out can be assured of a safer rounding for goodies and adults get into it as well. We’ll done neighbors.

  2. Several of us started this about 31 years ago for our own children and it has grown from there.

    Informal count this year (a mild Saturday) was around 1200 children – probably a record. Plus another 2000 or 3000 parents. Most seem to come from within 6 or 8 blocks of Sargent and Cretin.

  3. Hello Tom, thanks for the historical note. Do your own kids (now grown up) come back to enjoy the festivities each year?

  4. Yes, my kids come back every year, though on the other side: in costume often, and handing out candy.

    A bit special this year: my first grandchild did the rounds. He is just 5 months old and was dressed, warmly, as a banana.

    This isn’t actually that unusual. Several parents have been telling us that they came as kids themselves and are now bringing their own children.

    It is also a great neighborhood meet-up night. Lots of visiting while displays are being assembled, emergency candy exchanges, welcoming of new neighbors, etc.

  5. Wow. Fun! How on earth did they make the sidewalk yellow? Very cool.

  6. Hi Linda, where ya been? 🙂 I think they might have used kids’ yellow sidewalk chalk. Or I guess they could have used duct tape; it comes in all sort of colors & patterns now. Would be expensive though.

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