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  1. You really need to try the Italian Pie Shop.. It is in the Mac Groveland neighborhood on Grand avenue and is by far the best pizza in the city. Their deep dish is the closest you will find to true Chicago style pizza. Such a great buttery crust.

  2. Thanks, Jason. I have had their pizza, though perhaps not under conditions conducive to a considered comestible comparison. I brought a few pies home for an almost ad-hoc party, on borrowed chairs, in our new empty house before the moving truck had arrived. The pizza was OK. I didn’t get much of it. It was cut into little square pieces.

    I think we need to go there and sit down to a pizza and a brew in order to make a fair assessment.

    Personally I’m not a big fan of deep-dish Chicago style.

  3. Try the pizza at Pizza Luce that has mashed potatoes on it. You will love it!

    Also try Punch Pizza in Highland Village.

  4. Worry not, I hope to sample all of Luce’s wares before too long.

    We have been to the Punch on Grand and those in Wayzata and Eden Prairie. Is Highland qualitatively better than those, or is it “just” another Punch experience? (Which is by definition pretty good, of course.)

  5. I believe the Highland Punch is the original restaurant and the only one that does table service vs. ordering at the counter. I don’t think the quality of the pizza or food is any different than the other locations, just more of a sit-down restaurant-y feel.

    Once you are ready to return to Pizza Luce, a fun outing is to take the blue line light rail all the way to the end in the warehouse district in Minneapolis and walk a few blocks to the Pizza Luce there. Still great pizza with a more urban vibe.

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