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  1. Turns out there are more ways to slice a pizza. An infinite number more. Here’s a mathematician’s discovery of how to make 12 identically shaped pizza slices using curved cuts:
    12 slices
    And we can make 10, 14, 18, 22, … identical slices at will. Depending on how fine our scalpel is and how cooperative the pizza dough.

  2. That is very lovely!! Perhaps we can start a trend, a way unique to St. Paul to slice a beautiful pizza!

  3. Tomorrow the clan is eating dinner at Mancini’s on Dad’s birthday. He and Nick knew each other well, as fellow Italian restuarant owners. We ate there last year for Dad’s 99th birthday, and as always were treated like royalty by Nick’s sons. They always ply us with free anitipasto and garlic toast. So delicious and yummy. Dad won’t be there to eat, but his spirit will be, and he will be having a Windsor 7, or maybe two.

  4. This is wonderful to hear, your dad’s memory uniting the family in good times.

    Speaking of pizza, we’re just back from Punch in Highland, the original one. Just fantastic Neapolitan pizza. I had sausage, mushroom, saracene olive, cracked red pepper, and oregano (“Maximus“ with a substitution for the pepperoni); Katharyn enjoyed arugula, prosciutto, goat cheese, cracked red pepper, and garlic (“Toto”). The wine by the glass is a generous pour. Qui, sono felice.

  5. Well I am so glad that you enjoyed the Punch pizza. All this talk about pizza sort of makes me consider trying some out again. Maybe or maybe not…

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