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  1. Wow. I am so excited about your blog. I am 67, born and raised in Minneapolis. Now living in your area for 31 years. This neighborhood is amazing. I am of Sicilian descent and here are few Italians here. People always ask if I am from New York. I guess I don’t have the oofda thing. Do you listen to Prairie Home Companion? I bet you do. An of course you know where Garrison’s Common Good book store is on Snelling??! My husband is Irish and hockey is huge here in St. Paul. In Minneapolis it is baseball. I work at a clinic Minneapolis! and we have the largest urban population of American Indians in our neighborhood in the country. Also Somalian refugees. I could rattle on and on about the twin Cities, but I look forward to your observations as a newcomer to the Land of Lakes and loons and hockey and beer and cabins “up north”. And snowmobiles, mines, old growth forests, the Guthrie Theatre, wild rice, Mayo Clinic, bundt cake, hot dish, and the biggest State Fair in the world… no chickens this year.

  2. Hello Linda, thanks for your comments! I wonder how you would say “oofda” in Italian or Siculu? Yes, I’ve been a PHC listener for decades, long predating even when I knew my wife (or anyone from here, really). We are an easy walk from Common Good and already quite familiar with it. (Sold them a few copies of a book, True Cow Tales, a few years back, as a matter of fact.)

    Here’s my box score to date on your Minnesota bucket list:

    √ lakes
    √ beer
    cabins “up north”
    old growth forests
    the Guthrie Theatre
    √ wild rice
    Mayo Clinic
    √ bundt cake
    √ hot dish
    √ state fair

    I gave the state fair a checkmark because we already have tickets to go, and also to catch the PHC broadcast from there in September.

  3. I hope that neither of you need the Mayo Clinic. And can see a play at the Gruthrie. To understand the mines in northern Minnesota , watch “North Country” with Chariize Theron, about the first class action suit by a group of women who were sexually harassed in the taconite mines in northern Minnesota . Very good. And true.

    I am sorry. This is probably too serious, but thought you and your wife could share this with your friends on the east coast. Sometimes people in MN are somewhat forward thinking, despite our Scandinavian devotion to making peace. Kind of like the characters in “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”.

  4. Today Katharyn and I stopped into the Cold Front, which is next door to the Nook (one of the local purveyors of Juicy Lucys). We each ordered a kid-sized sugar cone from the selection of 10 flavors (I think it was) on display. I had peach and Katharyn ordered the Fat Elvis, which involved peanut butter, banana, and chocolate — probably bacon too for all I know. The ice cream was fine, rich and creamy. We had a long chat with Steve, the owner. One high point of the shop, which we didn’t sample on this visit, is their sodas — all made there and served at a hip old-fashioned soda counter. I want to try the pomegranate ginger, perhaps in the form of a float with vanilla ice cream. The blood orange & beetroot sounds intriguing too.

  5. Given you already have tickets, will be interested in hearing your take on the Minnesota State Fair. It is a mashup of many things Minnesotan: urban, rural, farming culture, politics, food, beer, rides, crafts, and music, plus some of the most interesting people-watching you can imagine.

  6. Oh those are priceless. The one that made me spew the liquid I was drinking ends in “Damn, you are creepy.”

    I mentioned in a comment above that I had once sold some books to Common Good: True Cow Tales by C.R. Lindemer. One of the sketches Chris collected was written by the sculptor who for decades had rendered each year’s Princess Kay in butter.

  7. I just Googled myself in an attempt to locate some book reviews I’ve written. I appreciate your mention of my anthology! I hope you and yours are well.

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